Friday, November 28, 2008

PETE DOHERTY @ Maroquinerie Nov 28th 2008

UPDATED Saturday 29th with 2 NEW VIDEOS

Breaking News:
Roses Kings Castles will play the Truskel in Paris on Dec 3rd

Pete Doherty
solo @ Paris' tiny Maroquinerie ( 500 capacity ) , it's been announced a couple of days ago and was Sold-Out in a few hours.
Pete arrived at the venue around 8 pm for a quick soundcheck.
He was on stage and played one song ( Love's cover " Alone agian or " ) before introducing a french young guitar player ( Miggles ) who did 3 songs on his own . ( very average )

Pete came back on stage to do one more song ( " Beg , steal or borrow " ) before introducing the next support slot : A french trio ( The Nellingtons ) that was complete crap ( they even slaughtered " Mr Tambourine man " ). They were sooo bad that the audience started throwing shit at them .

Pete was welcome back for his concert straight after that shitty french "band" .
A few new songs , some oldies and a cover by the LA's ' there she goes ".
Nice atmosphere here , people requested songs he did them. He invited one of his friend to sing , WOLFMAN for a couple of songs, the poor guy was so out of it that he barely could open his eyes.
( Setlist corrected Saturday 29th 3:30 pm )

01: Alone again or ( Love cover )
02: Beg, Steal Or Borrow
Proper Set :
03: New Love Grows On Trees
04: East Of Eden
05: Down In Albion
06: Bucket shop
07: Palace of Bone
08: What A Waster (Libertines)
09: My Darling Clementine
10: Dilly Boys
11: Good Old Days (Libertines)
12: Don't Look Back Into The Sun (Libertines)
13: Fuck Forever (Babyshambles) [ video here ]
14: Death On The Stairs (Libertines)
15: Last Post On The Bugle
16: Unbilo Titled (Babyshambles)
17: For Lovers ( + Wolfman)
18: La Belle et La Bête (Babyshambles)
19: Back From The Dead (Babyshambles)
20: Time For Heroes (Libertines)
21: Can't Stand Me Now (Libertines) [ video here ]
22: Wolfman (with Wolfman) [ video here ]
23: There She Goes (The La's Cover) [ video here ]

The set was very short he only played for 75 min, so that was a let down, well... i mean he could have played a longer set. But Pete was as cool as ever talking to people, reading stuff they were throwing at him , he put a cartoon of him on his mic ( see picture ).

All pictures and video recordings © Guino Patrice

Another video from Pete Doherty & Wolfman : "Can't stand me now " + "wolfman " + " There she goes" cover from The LA's :

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