Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tracy chapman + Joseph Arthur @ Folies Bergere Paris Nov 22nd 2008

Solo acoustic tour for Tracy Chapman, in Paris tonight in this beautiful theatre Les Folies Bergere.

Joseph Arthur

Very nice surprise as i'm getting into Les Folies Bergere , someone is giving me a flyer telling me that Joseph Arthur is opening. Saw him last month with his band @ the Album de la semaine and i really appreciate his rock music.
Tonight he's on his own playing acoustic, the lightning is crap just one spot on him. Nice show , he's even taking requests. The audience welcomes him very nicely.
Here's a video from Joseph Arthur :

Tracy Chapman

First solo acoustic tour for Tracy Chapman in ten years. same lightshow as Joseph with a few lightbulbs hanging from the ceilings.
She' s got the songs , the voice and she's always telling funny stories between songs, some political ( on Obama ) some about her journey in Paris ... I had a perfect seat : first row in the first box on the left so the view was perfect. She doesn't overplay on guitar , just what is needed .
The atmosphere is quite hot as every of her song is welcome to rousing applause , she has very dedicated fans and it's no surprise that this show was long Sold-out ( she added another show at the Palais des Congres on Dec 19th 2008 Sold-out too).
So the show was perfect for me even though i don't know her repertoire that much.
She ended the gig with " talkin' about a revolution " and Ben E King 's " Stand by me ".
01. I Am Yours
02. Sing For You
03. For My Lover
04. Across The Lines
05. Crossroads
06. Something To See
07. The Promise
08. Subcity
09. Fast Car
10. House Of The Rising Sun
11. Give Me One Reason
12. Save Us All
13. Talkin’bout a Revolution
14. She’s Got Her Ticket
15. Stand By Me

Here's a good site on Tracy :

So now let's see what 's wrong with the lady : First : no pictures are allowed AT ALL. Security was very strict about it ( France television was only allowed to film one song and were not allowed to film when she's walking to the stage ( ? )). Second: no one is allowed to film support band in case you film the lightshow ( ??? What light show ? a few fuckin' lightbulbs ? ). She may seems nice on stage but she's been acting like a fucking diva. No one's allowed to approach her and when she gets somewhere the room is clear by her watchdogs .
What kind of fucking attitude is that !!!
The only time i've been given flyer prior to a show telling the audience that anyone taking pictures during her performance will be thrown out of the venue was at one of her gig a couple of years ago at the zénith. It was a First in more than 20 years of concerts .

A big thank you to our fellow photographer Patrice Guino , he has risk his life for you to take a few pics. so enjoy !