Thursday, November 27, 2008

Motorhead @ Zénith Paris Nov 25th 2008

I arrived a bit late at the Zénith and had problems getting my ticket from the guest list ( Bastards ) so I missed the first 20 min of the show.
It's a small zénith ( 4000 ) but it's SOLD OUT .
For once with Motorhead the sound is clear and not too loud.
Beautiful stage set up with a drum riser and 2 screens ( a first for Motorhead ).
No Bomber tonight as Mickey told us , in his dressing room after the show , that it costs 10 000 dollars a show. It needs its own truck and 3 people to operate it .
Nevertheless with Motorhead it's "No mercy for the wicked" , a 300 mph show .
95 min of ultimate Rock ' n Roll for your ears .
A couple of new songs AND LOTS OF CLASSICS . ( see setlist )
Fuckin' AWSOME !!!

Motorhead's Setlist

We went ( with Gael ) backstage into Mickey Dee's dressing room with a few girls. had a chat with him for an hour. We all left to the Guinness Tavern in Paris for a few ( well lots of ... ) drinks.
Mickey joined the houseband for Noir Désir's "Tostaky" , a song he had never heard of ... and played it perfectly . He later played a Stones ' song ( can't remember which one ! ). We left him at 5 am outside the pub as they were taking a cab for another location , i needed to sleep a bit.
That's what i call ROCK 'N FUCKING ROLL

Rocking @ Guinness Tavern
Video from Paris :