Friday, November 14, 2008

Franz Ferdinand + Yo Majesty + Get well soon Festival des Inrocks Paris Cigale Nov 13th 2008

Festival des Inrocks , Live @ La Cigale in Paris on Nov 13th 2008 with Franz Ferdinand , Yo Majesty and Get Well Soon.

Of course, the show was SOLD-OUT a long time ago almost as soon as Franz Ferdinand was announced.
First band to play is Get Well Soon, they've done a decent set , it's their first record and probably first time in Paris. They've listen to Radiohead's OK Computer too many times , just imagine an indie Radiohead without the electronic and with a trumpet player ( who was stunning ) and you have a guess to what Get Well Soon sound like. Promising for the future.
Then we had Yo Majesty , what the FUCK were they doing here ? Two black girls and a DJ escaped from south central or the Bronx rapping over some electronic shit.
The music is crap but they were enjoyable , they know how to work an audience.

Franz Ferdinand ended the Festival in style. Can we call this a festival with only 3 bands playing between 35 min and 60 min ?
I like them very much LIVE and we were not disappointed at all.
From start to finish they've rocked La Cigale. Many people tried to get on the stage and crowdsurfing to everyone's delight in a lively atmosphere, everyone was jumping up and down in the pit.( see video )
These guys are having fun and we're having fun too.
The set was very short ( 60 min with the encore , COME ON guys you can do longer than this !!! ) but they've pleased Paris by playing a greatest hits gig.
One of the best show i've seen for a few months.

Bite Hard ( new song )
Do You Want To
Kathryn, Kiss Me
Walk Away
40 Ft.
Turn it on
Take Me Out
Ulysses (new song )
What She Came For
The Outsiders
This Fire
- they may have play another new song ? -

Nice view from the balcony