Monday, November 3, 2008

Eli "Paperboy " Reed @ L' Album de la semaine Canal+ Nov 3rd 2008

Second record for this young artist from Boston , here tonight at La Plaine St Denis for Canal+ tv show : L' album de la semaine .

Listening to Eli " Paperboy " Reed and his 6 musicians ( including two saxophones and a trumpet ) is like being into a time -machine stuck in the 60's while you were visiting the Stax studios or James Brown's hometown of Georgia, or maybe the pit in "Hitsville" USA.
It's full of soul music and the guy's white , young ...and from Boston.

He knows his classics : How to be introduced on stage by one of his musicians ( à la JB ), how to talk to his audience ( using the same 'old sentences )... let's not forget his stage moves .
He did his homework perfectly , maybe too much.
He's got the voice and the songs are good so i'll forgive him about the clichés he's using.
Well maybe not completely as long as he keeps wearing that horrible dark green suit.

Check him here:

sorry no pictures it's Verbotten.

Next shows :
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The Pigeon Detectives @ trabendo Nov 5th
Carbon/Silicon @ Fnac store Nov 8th
Oasis @ Bataclan Nov 10th ( Gary Moore and Adam Green are playing on the same night )