Friday, November 7, 2008

The Yardbirds + Samuel James @ Radio France for FIP Paris Nov 6th 2008

The Yardbirds live @ Radio France for "FIP" with opening artist Samuel james Paris Nov 6th 2008

Samuel James

First on stage is american bluesman Samuel James , that's his first album released in France and his first ever show in Paris. He's on his own with his acoustic guitar , playing in front of a "vintage" mic for the vocals AND the guitar ( that's not plugged ).
He's young and he's playing the blues but not the english blues , the original acoustic blues à la Robert Johnson , Booker White or Son House , his influences.
Nice to hear some real vintage blues.

The Yarbirds Feat. French guitar player Jean-Michel Kadjan ( left )

Then we have The Yardbirds , formed in 1963 and still active , this band is famous for having 3 of the best guitar players ( Eric Clapton , Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page )in the 60's.
The only survivors from the original line-up are drummer Jim Mc Carthy and former bass player and now on guitar Chris Dreja. For this french tour they ask french guitar player Jean-Michel Kadjan to join'em. With 3 guitars they should rock.
Opening song " Train kept a rolling" set the record straight, they're here to rock ( and blues ). We're treated to a best of ... ( "Heartfull of soul" ,"Still i'm sad", "for your love" ... See complete setlist below )
The young guitar player is doing great as well as their harmonica player. They have an american on bass and vocals who's playing with them for many years now , his voice is a little bit low in the mix but it's hard to fight ( and win ) with 3 guitars. Chris Dreja is funny to me, like watching my dad rockin' on his fav tune.
Show ends with a great version of "Dazed & Confused " in its original form , remember that Led Zeppelin played its first gigs under the name The New Yardbirds.
The encore is " Im a man" . (i don't think they played "i wish you would" )
Great Night

The Yardbirds + Setlist & Invitation
The Yardbirds are playing the New Morning club in Paris on Nov 20th.
Samuel James is playing tomorrow on friday the 7th @ the Sunset club in the heart of Paris.
check his blues here :

Samuel James :

"Train kept a rolling":