Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dirty Pretty Things @ Bataclan Paris Nov 25th 2008

Last show in Paris before the split @ Bataclan .

The marquee ( left ) and fan (right )

Dirty Pretty Things decided to split a couple of months ago and to finish their European tour.
They've never been on top commercially or musically , just above average. So Carl decided to give up. The perspective of seeing the last show in Paris didn't motivate Carl's fans as the Bataclan is far from being full , the balcony is closed.
A little bit less than a 1000 people tonight but lots of ( beautiful ) girls ( see pictures ).
I've never been a great fan of the DPT , they never could match the Libertines or Babyshambles who have ( had ) more commercial success.
DPT have too many average songs and the concert tonight didn't change my mind at all.
They rock but something is missing in their music.
Nice show but nothing that fantastic.
They've played extra encores including Nirvana's "In Bloom" and a couple of Libertines songs.
Just hope that Carl will come back with a stronger band , I met him a few times and he's one of the nicest & coolest musician i have ever met.
Charming Girl waiting for a kiss from Carl ?

SETLIST : from http://meinzuhausemeinblog.blogspot.com/
01: Wondering

02: Holly Go Lightly
03: Buzzards And Crows
04: Doctors And Dealers
05: Blood Thirsty Bastards
06: Kicks Or Consumption
07: Come Closer
08: The Enemy
09: Hippy's Son
10: Chinese Dogs
11: Gentry Cove
12: Plastik Hearts
13: Last Of The Smalltown Playboys
14: Gin & Milk
15: Deadwood
16: Truth Begins
17: B.U.R.M.A.
18: You Fucking Love It
19: France
20: In Bloom (Nirvana Cover)
21: I Get Along (The Libertines)

NB : Patrice our photographer has decided to take pictures of beautiful girls at concerts like his fellow friend from Germany Oliver who has a great site with lots of reviews and pictures of rock concerts from France and Germany.
Check this : http://meinzuhausemeinblog.blogspot.com/

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