samedi 14 avril 2012

Grand Pre-Opening @ Palais de Tokyo, Paris April 12-13 2012

Grand Pre-Opening @ Palais de Tokyo, Paris April 12-13 2012
A "Circuit 24" for artist & Music lovers

Pre-opening of the Palais de Tokyo after being closed for refurbishment, it has now triple its initial size.
Opened 30 hours non-stop.

The only good thing we saw was that huge Grand Prix racing track for kids made out of thousands of old vinyls and you could actually drive the car, with a camera, in front of a screen.
That was cool
un peu d'humour dans un monde de brutes (center)

The rest was mostly crap and certainly not up to the level of the Palais de Tokyo.
  • Small "figurines" made out of small plastic objects and trash : OK
  • Some small drawings and texts written on notebooks & porn mags (pic below), the kind of things you do in class when the Maths lesson is boring you to death: crap
  • there was a "dismembered" car: The metalwork with all the seats, wheels, lights... put around it (not pictured here), I'm pretty sure that workers repairing cars in a garage didn't know they were doing art: complete crap
  • A huddle of wood : we thought it was the place where workers put all the trash away in fact it was ART: shit
I mean who the fuck do they think we are
Can they call "ART" any shit
It looks like the answer is "YES @ Palais de Tokyo

Someone very dubious about all that shit !!!