jeudi 12 mars 2009

Babyshambles @ Neo Club in Paris - Secret Gig- March 11th 2009

Babyshambles @ Neo Club , Paris March 11th 2009
-Secret Gig-

Fantastic way of ending a week of concerts with The Peter Doherty & friends ' "Family"
  • 1) Pete Doherty played a solo acoustic set for Canal+ TV show "L' Album de la Semaine" ( March 2nd ).
  • 2) Pete Doherty playing his single on"Le fou du roi" radio show ( March 3rd )
  • 3) Adam Ficek's Roses Kings Castles @ Pop'In ( March 8th )
  • 4) Pete Doherty & Friends Featuring Graham Coxon @ Bataclan ( March 9th )
  • 5) Pete Doherty solo acoustic set in a double decker bus ride around Paris ( March 10th, 7:00 PM )
  • 6) Pete Doherty & Friends Feat. Graham Coxon @ Bataclan 2nd show ( March 10th , 9:00 PM )
  • 7) Adam Ficek's Roses Kings Castles @ Gibert Joseph Music Store ( March 11th , 5:00 PM )
  • 8) BABYSHAMBLES 's secret gig @ Neo Club near the Champs Elysées in Paris ( March 11th at midnight )
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Toxic Twins

They started the gig nicely with "Baddie's boogie" ( Here on video ) and then i can't bloody remember a thing , they've played hits after hits , it was a Libertines/Babyshambles Best of... they even played a cover from one of those shitty electronic duet from the eighties. ( "West end girls" from The Pet Shop Boys).

SETLIST included " Back from the dead" , "fuck forever" , "Unstookie titled", " I wish", "Albion", others , i'll get the correct setlist soon )

Pete and Mick were in high spirit , both having the time of their life , joking , kissing eachother ( see picture above ) .
Nice to have Mick back for Babyshambles songs as Graham Coxon seemed a bit lost playing them ( He was perfect on Pete 's solo material @ the Bataclan ).
Conditions were perfect for me as i was seating in a sofa just in front of Pete ( well , in fact there was no stage at all ) with 200 people behind me in this trendy club having also the time of their life.
A few posh people and very sexy girls ( this was the last day of the Fashion week in Paris ) but many fans were invited by band members ( Thanks Adam for putting Mathilde and I on the guest list ) including all the "hangers on" from the Bergerac café.
The band was on for a good hour playing 14-15 songs.
Pete was particularly WILD tonight singing in the audience , sofa-diving into the audience ( first time i'm seeing someone doing a SOFA-diving ) ; crashing his mike or the drums by jumping on it and finally tearing down part of the ceiling by hitting on it with the mike-stand .

Pete was really wasted by the end of this FANTASTIC GIG , probably the best I have ever seen from the Shambles.

Videos from MadameMime007 " I Wish " another version of "baddie's boogie".
Another video from the secret gig "There she goes"

"Baddie's Boogie" :