Monday, March 9, 2009

Pete Doherty & friends @ Bataclan Paris March 9th 2009

Pete Doherty Featuring Graham Coxon & friends
@ Bataclan Paris March 9th 2009
Support bands : Adam Ficek's Roses Kings Castles
& Lipstick Melodies AKA Alan Wass & Kristian Marr

Pete did a photoshoot after rehearsing

He spotted us laughing

Here with the photographer

Rehearsals with Adam Ficek

note : the " I Love You Adam " on the case

SETLIST : ( Courtesy of oliver Peel )
01: Music When The Lights Go Out (Libertines)
02: Arcady (Libertines)
03: Last Of The English Roses
04: 1939 Returning
05: A Little Death Around The Eyes
06: Salome
07: Through The Looking Glass
08: Palace Of Bone
09: Death On The Stairs (Libertines) Peter solo
10: Tell The King (Libertines) Peter solo
11: Don't Lock Back Into The Sun (Libertines) Peter solo
12: I Am The Rain
13: Sheepskin Tearaway (with Dot Allison)
14: Lady Don' t Fall Backwards
15: Sweet By And By Drew
16: New Love Grows On Trees
17: Broken Love Song
18: Albion (Babyshambles)
19: Time For Heroes (Libertines)

Nice 5 songs set by Adam Ficek. He was welcome by the audience
Then we had Alan Wass & friend , they just played a few songs on acoustic guitar , it was a bit of a mess but i liked it.
Both of these guys are just assholes , we were backstage after the show and they were completely pissed and were kicked out of the backstage ( don't know the reason ) by the manager. Lots of tension because of this two dickheads. Nearly a fist fight.

Great set by Pete , lots of people on stage : Pete + Adam & Drew , 2 keyboard players , 3 classical musicians + Graham Coxon on guitar & Miss Allison on vocals for one song.
Nice combination of full band songs and acoustic numbers with Pete on his own.
Graham seemed sometimes a bit lost in all of this but nevertheless did some great guitar licks à la Jeff beck.
Lots of slow or medium tempo songs ( i'm not familiar with the new songs ) except for the last one " Time is for Heroes " the fastest song of the night , here on video

See our pics and Video from Pete playing the single at a radio show last week in Paris : HERE

Last song of the show with Pete Doherty jumping into the crowd :