Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adam Ficek ( Babyshambles ) @ Pop' In March 8th 2009

Adam Ficek ( AKA Roses Kings Castles ) drummer from Babyshambles is playing a free show tonight ( sunday ) at the Pop'in club in Paris (105 rue amelot - 75011 PARIS M° Filles du Calvaire (8) or Oberkampf ).

Here are the Pics from the show :

Adam the man with the red socks

Relax Man !
Adam begging on his knees for NOT being mob by underage girls
not pictured here sorry !
After being mobbed

Very cool 30 min+ show with Adam in this lovely bar ( Pop' in ), lots of beautiful girls tonight.
Nice atmosphere everybody is very relax including the Staff ( quite a change compare to those assholes from the Truskel ).
Adam is one of the nicest musicians i have ever met , be sure to get to the Bataclan early tomorrow to hear him play.

Adam will be opening for Pete Doherty @ Bataclan on March 9th and 10th.
He will also play a showcase at Gibert Music store ( Boulevard St Michel ) at 5 PM on the 11th .