Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Iggy Pop + Graces Jones ... @ La Musicale March 24th 2009


First day of recording for this Canal+ tv show " La Musicale" specially called "Nightclubbing".

Iggy Pop has invited a few guests, the stage is like Paris in the 50's as his new album is influenced by French writer Michel Houellebecq.
Around 300 people in this studio some seating down the front as in a café others seating in stalls.

Setlist 1
All songs are duets ( except as noted ):

  • First on stage with Iggy is singer Stephan Eicher for a good rock song.
  • Then we have AYO for Jacques Brel 's " Ne me quitte pas" , this one is just ok.
  • French writter Michel Houellebecq is singing one , the poor guy seems a bit lost on the stage.
  • Iggy is doing one on his own, reading Houellebecq's text over music.
  • China Moses ( daughter of Jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgwater ) is doing a great version of Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher"
  • The poor girl Arielle Dombasle is doing " Rum and cola". What the fuck is that chick doing here ? Over here in France everybody's laughing at her , zero credibility. They had to do it twice , nice ! Sooo ridiculous.
  • Special surprise as Grace Jones is a last minute addition to the program ( she was at the Grand Rex a couple of days ago , see our review HERE ). Before getting on stage they both stayed behind a white curtain so we just could see their shadow and as the technicians were getting things ready , they both had a little bit of fun doing as if they were spanking and fucking eachother, we had a good laugh .They did a rehearsal version then a proper one. Grace just laughed in the middle of the song but Iggy told her to continue as if nothing had happened .They both went singing walking around the tables in the audience. Great even though they've done Grace Jones' version of the song which is not my favorite.
  • Iggy did " The Passenger" on his own with the band and went to sing in the audience. Fantastic as he hasn't played that song probably since 2003. It's a bonus as it wasn't planned.
  • They had to do another version of " nightclubbing" so Grace Jones was called back.
  • Recording ended with a boogie Woogie on Piano
Nice evening, Iggy was really relax , still one question tough , What the fuck was doing Arielle Dombasle here ???

Setlist 2
Sorry no pictures : forbidden
see ya tomorrow for the second part with Peaches , Catherine Ringer ( rita Mitsuko ) , Keren Ann & Benjamin Biolay .