Saturday, August 28, 2010

The kooks, BRMC & Blink 182 @ Rock en Seine August 27 2010

Updated August 29 with setlists (courtesy of Oliver Peel)

The Kooks, BRMC, Blink 182
Rock en Seine Part 2, August 27 2010, Parc de St Cloud.
The Kooks are playing on the second stage and there are much more people here than for Skunk Anansie on the main stage ( it was the same for The Foals).
We should have a word with the promoter...

Anyway, The kooks are a very decent band, the girls are crazy about them, we already saw them many many times in Paris including last year @ Fete de l'Humanité in front of more than 50 000 people before Deep Purple, we were on the stage ( click for setlist Pics & video FROM the stage) I remember the atmosphere was great and you could hear the girls screaming like maniacs all along the show.

SETLIST (from Oliver Peel)
01: Always Where I Need To Be
02: Eddie's Gun
03: You Don't Love Me (The Way That I Love You)
04: Sway
05: Strange One
06: Ooh La
07: She Moves In Her Own Way
08: Sabateur
09: Do You Wanna (Make Love To Me)
10: Naive
11: Shine On
12: Down To The Market
13: Stormy Weather
14: Sofa Song

Same atmosphere today : lots of ( young and very young ) girls most of them very sexy, once again The kooks have played a very nice set , I mean they're playing a very refreshing pop-rock, thay may not change the face of rock music but they're very good at what they're doing.
Very enjoyable.

The singer is getting in touch with his female audience, Police car backstage & Cypress Hill from the back.

We went ( on the main stage) to check Cypress hill unfortunately for this gig it was only rap & DJ even though The guitar player from Rage Against the machine is playing on their last album, no guitars to be heard tonight.
Not our cup of tea.
So we went back to the second stage for Black rebel motorcycle Club.
We have the first or second album then they went off the radar for us so we don't really know what to expect.
They're not as heavy & fast as before but much more dark. They sound like a stoner band which listened to Joy Division too much with a couple of bluesy tunes thrown in.
They're very impressive, once again it's really packed and it's chaos down the front.
probably their last show on this tour as the bass player's father died a few days ago ( he was the sound tech on the tour).
Robert came to play one song just in front of us ( see pics), people around went mad !

SETLIST ( from Oliver Peel):
01: Beat The Devil's Tattoo
02: Love Burns
03: Mama Taught Me Better
04: Stop
05: Bad Blood
06: Ain't No Easy Way
07: Conscience Killer
08: Berlin
09: Weapon Of Choice
10: Whatever Happened To My Rock'n Roll
11: Spread Your Love

Great set.

Then we went to Blink 182 , we missed the first 20 min but we didn't care after 4-5 songs that was enough.
Maybe i'm getting too old for that shit or maybe you need to be retarded to listen to that, I don't know.
I mean , they're not bad but they're far from being good either.

We made a quick exit, lucky day as it almost didn't rain at all , just a couple of showers.

See ya tomorrow !