dimanche 29 août 2010

Massive Attack & jello biafra @ Rock en Seine, August 28 2010

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Massive Attack
& Jello Biafra @ Rock en Seine
Parc de St Cloud August 28 2010

Massive Attack on the main stage, they're headlining tonight, it looks like the whole festival wanted to see them.
One of the most arrogant shit I've seen this year, after 3 songs we felt sick and we couldn't miss Jello Biafra.
Jello Biafra is headling the 3rd stage, the show had already started when we get there.
That is good shit and certainely not arrogant, straight heavy rock punk with a very entertaining Jello Biafra acting every sentence of his songs.
The guy's funny: makes me think of the way Johnny Rotten is acting on stage

Patrice , our photographer went to join a couple of his friends on stage and the lucky bastard was standing next to the guys from QOTSA who seemed to really enjoy the show.
Josh Homme ( from QOTSA) and Jello hugged eachother on the side of the stage before the encore.
Very good set, nice to end this day on a happy note.

Setlist Jello Biafra

And a video from the stage:

It fuckin' rocks