Friday, April 9, 2010

Band Of Horses @ Fleche d'Or, Paris April 8th 2010

Band of Horses + Tyler Ramsey @ Fleche d'Or
Paris april 8th 2010

Tyler Ramsey opening for his own band
ROCKERPARIS is back @ Fleche d'Or to see for the second time in two days Band of Horses.
Yesterday they've played the first "gig" of their European Tour for famous Canal+ TV show L' Album de la semaine in front of a selected audience of 200 people.
This time it's much more as the Fleche d' Or is completely Sold-out, admission is only 8 euros at the door and once again many people couldn't get in like yesterday for Laura Marling.
First to play is Band of Horses' guitar player Tyler Ramsey, for a 30 min set a very relax and laid back songs on the acoustic guitar. It seemed that in the back nobody gave a shit as you could hear many people talking.
After a short break in a hot & sweaty Fleche d'Or. It's time for Band of Horses to play.
I saw ( and heard them) them for the first time yesterday and tonight confirmed what I thought of them, it's just a great band, I wish they had more guitar soli, they're like a light version of The Black Crowes ( or The Counting Crows) even tough the guys in the band are playing different guitars ( or bass) for EVERY songs.
Funny: they have a keyboard player that looks a bit like Ed King from Lynyrd Skynyrd.
The girls love them , lots of foreigners too.
Cool songs with a mix of atmospheric and rockier tunes.
See setlist for details.
1 hour 30 min set

Tyler Ramsey & merchandising