jeudi 12 novembre 2009

Kings of Convenience + guest Feist @ Bataclan Paris Nov 11th 2009

Updated with complete setlist

Kings Of Convenience + Feist as a guest
@ Bataclan Paris Nov 11th 2009

First time for me as I never saw Kings of Convenience LIVE.
I only have one cd and the last time they've played in Paris was 8-9 years ago.
Sold-out show.
So lots of expectations from the dedicated fans who were cheering to EVERY song they were playing.

As there was no support band and the Bataclan wanted to charge them a 1000 euros for rotten business reasons ( With no support band the Bataclan will sell less drinks at the bar ) , The band decided that they will be their own support band.
So they came on pretty early ( 8:15 Pm ) to play a short first set ( 30 min )
After a 20 min break they came back to play the proper set.
What about the music ?
KoC are like a young & Norwegian Simon & Garfunkel except that they charge you 10% of what S&G will ask you to see them live, they're very funny ( song about Justin timberlake ) and they don't hate each other.
The sound and lightning was perfect , no need for earplugs at all ( first time in Years ).

SETLIST: ( thanks to Stéphane D )
My ship isn't pretty
Me in you
Cayman Islands
Love is no big truth
I don't know what I can save from you
Singing softly to me
Stay out of summer
Mrs Cold

2nd SET
Until you understand
Rule my world
Boat behind
Toxic Girl
"justin Timberlake"
I'd rather dance with you
Know how
the build up

Kings of Convenience with Feist

After a hour they left the stage to come back with Special guest Feist for 2 songs : " know How" & "Build-up".
GREAT gig !!!
There was an aftershow party @ Scopitone club ( announced on stage ) we went there but were being told that they will only Mix so we didn't stay, just hoping that they didn't play.

My fav song tonight :