mardi 17 novembre 2009

Gossip @ Bataclan 2nd Show Nov 16th 2009

Gossip @ Bataclan Paris
2nd Show Nov 16th 2009

Back to the Hot & Sweaty Bataclan for Gossip's second SOLD-OUT show here.
Once again we have to endure the shitty support band Ssion , the music is unbearable.
Two of the Gossip ( Hannah and the bass player ) are enjoying them from the balcony.
Roadies are paid for this ! It's a hard job.

Gossip did a very nice ( short ) set yesterday same for today , Beth is on top form , the audience is hot all along the gig.
They may have change the setlist tonight ( not sure about it ).
Still communicating a lot with the froggies IN FRENCH . giving away the mic to a couple of french girls of the first row who sang a french song ( "les Champs Elysées" by Joe Dassin)

She went into the pit once again at the end to sing from the bar.
Just another GREAT gig should I say .

Video from the back :