Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Plastiscines @ Fnac Champs Elysées Paris Nov 10th 2009

Plastiscines @ Fnac Champs Elysées 6:00 PM
Paris Nov 10th 2009
The girls from France Plastiscines are doing a showcase on the Champs Elysées @ Fnac store.
Strange audience, not the kind that used to come at the Gibus club a couple of years ago, many fat 30 something & just a few teenagers. Where are they ?
Anyway the girls are rocking it's not an acoustic set but a "full" show with electric guitars and all.
You can see ( & hear) that they have practice a lot including the stage moves.
They have some nice poppy songs & a couple of lame ones too.
The single " Barcelona" ended the set , it's also from far their best song. ( Here on video )

They signed some records ( out today ) and had a chat with fans.
relaxing Aftershow.