dimanche 28 août 2011

Arctic Monkeys + Keren Ann + Jim Jones Revue @ Rock en Seine, St Cloud, August 27 2011

Arctic Monkeys + Keren Ann + The Jim Jones Revue @ Rock en Seine
St Cloud, August 27 2011
The Jim Jones Revue

Second day at the Rock en Seine festival, 22 bands are playing today and there's nothing really interesting apart from a couple of bands so we get there very late just in time for The Jim Jones Revue on the 4th stage, the smallest one just by the main entrance.
Kickin' ass show

Lots of kids here waiting for the JJR hurricane, as soon as the band gets on stage the pit down the front is complete chaos, after just a couple of songs all the young girls are kicked out, they just couldn't cope with people pogoing , slamming and crowd surfing.
This band is just dynamite from start to finish, hard to believe with the music they're playing that they are attracting such a young audience or maybe the old geezers were standing in the back, we were first row headbanging like maniacs.
Great Set

Keren Ann

It was hard to get into Keren Ann a few minutes after seeing The Jim Jones Revue.
Complete different audience with people in their 30's.
She started the show with a couple of very slow tempo songs, not the best to start with.
There's a bit of everything with Keren Ann: Pop-Rock songs, a couple of acoustic-folk songs and some electro.
I'm just wondering what the electro shit is doing here.
Very cool and relax gig, she's singing in English which is a good thing.
Nice to rest our ears a bit after The Jim Jones Revue and before Arctic monkeys.

Death From Above 1979

Nothing to do for an hour, Death from Above 1979 was playing on the second stage but after one song that was enough too noisy for us, so we went to the Pictures exhibition with some nice portraits of different artists including Sonic Youth, Mike Watt, Lou Reed, Anna Calvi & Kurt Cobain.
Renaud Monfourny's pics of Kurt, Lou & Anna
Arctic Monkeys

All the girls are trying to get the best seat for Arctic Monkeys headlining the main stage.
We already saw them a couple of times this year @ L'Album de la Semaine for Canal+ on June 15 and @ Cigale ( click for review with video and lots of Pics) the day after.
At the time we were disappointed: they are playing such a great music but they seem so bored on stage it's unbelievable.
The singer has cut his hair and comb it like a 50's rocker and is wearing a leather jacket, funny how young he looks.
The sound is great and as usual they do have a powerful white lightning, we tried to get down the front but the pit was dangerous with so many people pushing their way down the front and after all the rain at the beginning of the afternoon the grass turned into very slippery mud. Hard not to fall down and getting trampled.

SETLIST Rock en Seine 2011
01) Library Pics
02) Brainstorm
03) This house is...
04) Still take you home
05) Don't sit down
06) Pretty visitors
07) She's thunderstorms
08) Teddy Picker
09) Crying Lightning
10) Brick by Brick
11) The Hellcat...
12) The view from the ...
13) I Bet you look good...
14) All my own stunts
15) If You were there
16) Do me a favour
17) When the sun...
18) Suck it and see
19) Fluo Ado
20) 505
Ze pit & Pass sheet for the fest.

The singer seems to be in a very good mood as he introduced a couple of songs and said a few "Thank yous": a fucking miracle as he usually barely even look at the audience.
They even played a few seconds of a Chuck Berry song as a tribute to Alex's hair cut. This band has many great songs and they left their early english style for a more american heavy sound à la QOSTA for the best.
The set was short: 80 min but terrific.

Last song of the show