Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kasabian @ Bataclan Paris Oct 23rd 2009

Kasabian @ Bataclan Paris
Oct 23rd 2009
After seeing Kasabian yesterday night for the " One Shot Not" tv recording for Arte (performing 3 songs acoustic ).
We are back for another dose of Rock'n Roll this time @ The Sold-out Bataclan.
They will be playing the bigger Olympia next year on Feb 08th 2010.
Lots of English in the audience, they're quite popular across the channel , they've opened this summer for Oasis on their Stadium tour.
And like Oasis they have great hymns to sing to.
The singer is the main attraction with a bright spotlight on him for the whole set while the others are concentrated on their instruments.
When you have the right songs you don't need that much and Kasabian has some great songs that you can sing with your mates on a friday night after a couple of lagers.
Great show, see setlist below for details.


" shoot the runner":