Monday, October 12, 2009

PRINCE @ RTL Oct 12th 2009 4:30 PM

Just back from the RTL studio next to the Grand Palais .
100 people , competition winners and guests waited 90 min outside before getting into the Grand Studio. There are seats , it was a rush to get the best seats as Prince , 3 backing vocals girls and fred on harmonica were already on the stage.
The first people in barely took their seat that Prince started the first song so the people in the back missed part of it.
The place was packed.
Less than 9 min later it was all over
What 9 min ? Yes sir, only 9 min.

SETLIST (tbc ):
"Feel Good, Feel Better..."
"Mountains" incorporating parts of "Shake Your Body down to the ground"

In case nobody noticed Prince told us that he was playing for free and that he should use his hat (nda : to collect money ).
Conditions were perfect , the girls from the first row were so close to him that they could have shake his hand.
Come on man ! just 9 min !!!

Message from Patrice : Of Course we had to leave our cell phone at the door to get in , No pictures allowed LOL