Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dynamites feat. Charles walker @ L' Album de la semaine Oct 6th 2009

The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker @
L' Album dela Semaine Canal+
Paris Oct 6th 2009

A little bit of Soul/Funk can't do ya no harm.
That's what we had tonight: a cocktail of Funk à la James Brown for the up-tempo songs and Soul music à la Sam Cook/ Sam Moore for the quiter songs.
Charles Walker was already doing gigs opening for the likes of James Brown, Etta James & "Wicked" Pickett in the 60's.
He never made just because he was great when the others were Fantastic hope this will be corrected now as the songs are groovy and soulfull and he may not dance like Mr Brown but the guy knows how to sing.

Peaches will play the Album de la semaine next week on the 12th
and on Oct 27th be ready for a famous noisy american band.