dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Sean Lennon & Charlotte Muhl @ Point Ephémere Paris Oct 3rd 2009

Sean lennon & Charlotte Muhl
@ Point Ephémere Oct 3rd 2009

On the night of the " Nuit Blanche" lots of artistic performances in Paris including this strange football pitch where kids are gonna have fun all night long next to the Point Ephémere where Sean Lennon & girlfriend Charlotte Muhl are playing their first show.
The club is packed tonight, first we have folk singer Sam Amidon for half an hour and then Sean & Charlotte.
Not yet as Sean is telling us that his mother is late so he has to wait to start the show but as people didn't want to let him wait backstage he's staying on the stage and has a chat with the audience for a good 5 min.
He's inviting one of his friend Irina to do a duet with him ( Pic below ) then Charlotte is taking the stage.

She's dressed in a very sexy way and is quite young, let's see if she's talented.

It's probably one of the first time ever that they're playing their songs in front of an audience, Sean is on the guitar and Charlotte on the vocals and tambourine , later on the bass.
Songs are pop and similar to what Sean has recorded for his last solo record.
Charlotte has a nice tiny sexy voice and has co-written most of the material played tonight.
Sean is very cool and relax speaking in a fluent french with the very quiet and dedicated French audience.
Charlotte is even playing bass for a few songs and is doing very well after learning it for just 2 weeks , so they say.

Here's the setlist


After the show Sean & Charlotte went to sign and pose for photos but wasn't very happy as not a lot of people were buying his new cd so he decided to leave and pack his stuff. Not so nice.
Even when he was signing stuff you could feel that he was just doing "after sales service" .
Nice gig.