Sunday, October 4, 2009

Green day Rehearsals @ Paris Bercy Oct 4th 2009

Green Day @ Paris Bercy
Oct 4th 2009

People queueing at 5PM

Just coming back from the soundcheck, 50 people were invited to see them rehearsed , it was a pretty quick affair , when we get into an empty bercy , the band was already playing.

We saw 4 songs :
1) Modern world
2) king for a day
3) 21st century breakdown
4) Poprock and Cokes

We were just allowed to stay behind crash barrier 10 meters from the stage but after one song Billy ask us to come closer, so we were first row.
Lots of musicians on stage , the 3 guys + 2 guitar players , 1 keyboard player and a sax
Nice huge screen behind the stage with a skyscraper skyline at night.

No one was allowed to take any pics , too bad .
I could get the bass player's plectrum , cool

see ya tonight