dimanche 25 octobre 2009

Sonic Youth @ Palais des Congres Paris Oct 25th 2009

SONIC YOUTH @ Palais des Congres
Paris Oct 25th 2009

Lyrics to one song
Strange place to see Sonic Youth , The Palais des Congres is a concert hall situated in a posh area with confortable red seats like in a movie theatre , 3500 capacity all seated.
The place is packed.
I won't tell you anything about the support band as they've probably play side 1 of Lou Reed 's "Music Machine".

As soon as Sonic Youth took the stage people get down to the front so everybody had to stand up.
Sitting down at a SY concert : NO FUCKING WAY !

They've played almost all the new record ( see setlist for details ) and a few oldies.
They don't talk that much with the audience but we're used to.

Some people complained that the sound wasn't that good in the back , vocals were not strong enough. Performance was neat the band wasn't as wild as it used to.

It took me some time to appreciate the new cd and by playing most of it tonight it gave ( me ) another dimension to those songs.

Kids wanna rock

Hope to see them soon in Paris ( at the "104" in January ? )
Of Course they're playing " L' Album de la Semaine" on tuesday ( oct 27th ) for a 30 min+ gig of new songs.
Another Great set ! YO !