Monday, October 19, 2009

KARO @ Oliver Peel session # 12 Paris Oct 18th 2009

KARO @ Oliver Peel session # 12
Private event near the Eiffel Tower Paris Oct 18th 2009

Karo rocking the casbah

Back @ Oliver 's ( and Cécile' s ) for this 2nd session since september , this time to see german artist KARO.
This time it's not a folk artist, Karo is much more indie -rock even tough she did a cover of Celine Dion ( I guess it was a joke... Well I hope so ! ).
Lots of people as usual with a special contingent from Asia ( see Pics ) a few germans & some frenchies.
9 songs set for KARO alone with an electric guitar and no mike for the voice & she did it !
Really cool indie -rock gig.
Don't hesitate to check her out on her myspace page ( click on her name )

Asia in force @ Oliver's ( right )

The beautiful people

Not everybody could fit in once again