Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vampire Weekend @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+ Paris Oct 21st 2009

Vampire Weekend @ L' Album de la Semaine
Paris Oct 21st 2009

After seeing Wolfmother recording for Canal+ 3 days ago , we're back in the studio 104 in northern Paris this time to see Vampire Weekend promoting their new cd , to be out in January.
The studio is packed tonight ( 200 people ) for those youngsters. I saw them at The Rock en Seine Festival ( click for Pics & review )in August and i wasn't impressed at all.
Will it be different tonight ?
They're young and looking like good mama's boys unfortunately , their music is soooo boring.
Ok they are different from the other bands with their African influences but the music doesn't talk to me at all.
see setlist for details , they came back to perform another bash of songs as they were not happy with them , They had to do a few takes of " Horchata" as the singer couldn't help from laughing.
Kids seems to dig'em , I really don't.

Up and coming band The XX will record L' Album de la semaine on Oct 26th. ( Sonic Youth on the 27th ); There's a real hype for this band in Paris.