Sunday, October 11, 2009

PRINCE @ Grand Palais 5 PM show Oct 11th 2009

PRINCE @ Grand Palais 5 PM show
Oct 12th 2009

Le Grand Palais is probably the best place to attend a gig. I've been there several times to see the CHANEL shows over the last few years ( March 2009 , Oct 2008 click for Pics )
Lots of people queueing to get in the athmosphere is relax and the security is everywhere , checking if the name on your ticket is matching with your ID.
Once you're in the stage is on the side so that people in the stalls fronting the stage are not too far.
5 PM sharp Prince is on , nice start with "1999" the stage is quite small.
The lightshow is discreet & Prince is immaculate ( Perfect to take Pics LOL ) with his black & white jacket.
The sound is far from being perfect, but it's hard to get a good sound in a hall made of steel & glass , and Prince kept on asking for more of this and less of that to the french sound engineer. He even had to use one of his song to complete a perfect soundcheck.
Prince is playing the songs one after another no time to breathe between them.
He played a few on his own on the acoustic guitar and had a dozen people dancing behind him on stage. There were lots of expectations for this gig, it was the first time I was seeing him live ( last week at CHANEL doesn't count, click for Pics ) and I was slightly disappointed where is the Prince that was running evrywhere on stage ? He's limping when he walks.
And THAT sound , it's so outdated as if he was still leaving in the 80's , hey man that shitty keyboard and drum sounds is long gone No one's playing them anymore.
The setlist was nice it was 'a best of' .
Nice 90 min set but it could have been so much better.

SETLIST 5 PM show:
I Feel For You
Sexy Dancer - Le Freak
Y U Wanna Treat Me So Bad ?
Take Me With U
Raspberry Beret
Girl (*acoustic)
All Day, All Night *
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man *
The 1 U Wanna C *
Sometimes It Snows In April *
Everyday People
I Want To Take U Higher
Without Love
Play That Funky Music

Let's Work
All The Critics Love U In Paris
All Day, All Night

U Got The Look

SETLIST 10 PM show:
Feel 4 U
All day all night chant
Sexy dancer / Freak ( chic )
Controversy outro
Why you wanna treat me so bad
Take me with U
Another lover holen...
Raspberry beret
All day all night ( solo Acoustic * )
Icnttpoum *
Wanna C *
Sometimes it snows *

Jackson's song (dance and shout)
Every day people ( sly & family stone )
Higher ( sly & family stone )
(Without love) shelby

Encore :
Purple rain

Encore :
All day all night reprise

Encore :
Honky tonk woman (shelby)
All The critics
Love bizarre

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