Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CHANEL @ Grand Palais Fashion Week Paris Oct 06th 2009

CHANEL @ Palais Royal
Paris Oct 6th 2009

Before the storm

Virginie Ledoyen & Irina Lazareanu
Virginie, Sean Lennon & girlfriend Kemp Muhl

Once again wake up call waaaayyy tooo early this morning but that was for a good cause as we were going to the hotest fashion show of the week : CHANEL

Karl Lagerfeld is always putting on a great show , this time we felt like being in the countryside even the smell was like being in a cowshed

PRINCE was there, yes Mr Love Symbol himself unfortunately we couldn't get near him at all as he arrived at the last minute and left straight after. Too bad...

Lily Allen live @ CHANEL
Lily Allen "played" one song at the end of the show.

The Fuhrer himself , Rihanna on the left of pic

Nice way to start the day but we left pretty fast as we had a meeting next to the Ritz hotel.