Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vernissage of Jimi Hendrix exhibition @ Renoma, Paris Sept 15 2010

updated Sept 27 with videos

Opening of Jimi Hendrix exhibition @ Galerie Renoma
Paris sept 15 2010
Jimi hendrix died 40 years ago so lots of celebration this year.
Galerie Renoma ( rue de la pompe Paris 16) opened (click for video of vernissage) its new exhibition yesterday night ( last one was on The Rolling Stones).
Lots of wonderful vintage Pics on the wall, absolutely great most of'em very well-known, it is not really an art galerie but a clothes store ( pic above far left), the place is packed so we didn't stay too long, we'll be back when it's gonna be more quiet during the week.

Hendrix (left) & Bercy before Indochine or "the attack of the teddy bear"