Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jarvis Cocker @ Galerie Chappe Day 1 Paris May 5th 2009

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Day 1
Jarvis Cocker @ Galerie Chappe Paris
May 5th 2009

Jarvis trying to get a signal from outer space ( left)
jamming with ? ( right )

Nice afternoon again with Jarvis Cocker and his band
A bit of rehearsals to start with , then he played a song a few times( homewrecker ) to get it right and ask someone from the audience who had his guitar to play with the band , then they jammed for a few minutes.
Jarvis went to answer a few questions for the press outside and relaxed on the stairs of Montmartre.
At the same time his band was jamming with an artist ( ? ) on piano.

Jarvis relaxing in Montmartre

We had a Yoga class with a professional instructor to the music of Jarvis Cocker improvising for an hour.
Finally he played a few songs ( from new cd ? ).
All of this between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM
Another review with Pics from the day here
See what happened yesterday for the setting up and rehearsals HERE
Yoga class @ Galerie chappe

J.C. announcing this week's program

Jarvis playing for the Yoga class:

Jarvis playing a new song homewrecker :