Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jarvis Cocker @ Galerie Chappe Day 3 Paris May 7th 2009

Day 3
Jarvis Cocker @ Galerie Chappe
May 7th 2009

Once again I was a bit late , the band has already played " I don't want to loose you again" then ( in fact it's the song called " You're in my eyes(disco song)" they jammed ( a song called " je te suis, tu me suis").
Jarvis played a Velvet Underground cover " femme fatale" ( here on video ) then Jarvis and guest Glenn Max on guitar ( from Last Man Standing , he's also the programmer of the Southbank Center in london including the Royal Festival Hall 's Meltdown) jammed for 15 min à la Sonic Youth .
They played " You're in my eyes(disco song)".
Time for a break

Yoga class with an instructor, some practiced and most of the others went out to relax on the stairs of Montmartre enjoying the sunshine, Jarvis did an interview and photo session.

Then we had a belly dancer who gave a class to the music of the band feat. jarvis and Glenn.

Time for another break before Jarvis introduced guest Gonzales
They jammed for a while before playing " You're in my eyes " ? ," Angela " , Survivor 's " the eye of the tiger" as people were asking for more they played " Further Complications".
Once again a great day probably the best since the beginning of the residency.

We went out for a drink and on our way home there was a shooting with this French actor ( can't remember his name ).

Glenn Max & Yoga class

foreign tourists and Jarvis posing

Belly dancer class and ....voyeurs ;-)

Jarvis & guest Gonzales relaxing and rocking

Jarvis Cocker & Guests playing Velvet Underground 's " Femme fatale":

Jarvis Cocker & Gonzales playing Survivor 's " Eye of the Tiger":