Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The kooks @ Casino de Paris, Oct 18 2011

The Kooks + Morning Parade + Atlantics @ Casino de Paris
Oct 18 2011
Atlantics (far right)

Another sold-out show for The kooks in Paris. Third time they're playing the French Capital this year after La Cigale in June & La Fleche d'Or in September ( Scroll down for links to reviews)

Tonight we have two opening bands: First one is Atlantics an uninspired rock band and the second one is Morning Parade who are mixing Rock with Electro, every fuckin' band is mixing rock with Electro and we HATE electro @ Rockerparis.
Morning Parade

The intermission is going on and on... as roadies are getting the stage ready wich is hidden behind a black curtain.
As soon as The Kooks are getting on stage, we can all see that they have spend lots of money on lightnings and stage props, the drum kit is on a platform like heavy Metal band used to in the 80's and there is a "cat walk" in front of the whole stage.

As always with The Kooks there is a great atmosphere thanks to the teenage girls.
The band probably started the set with a new song , still haven't heard the new album, the whole pit went mad as soon as they played older songs.
The singer is the only one using the cat-walk.
It looks like the band wants to get to a higher level with a better stage and better lightning and look more like a stadium band with the big sound ( it was louder than I have ever heard at a Kooks gig) with an extra player hidden behind amps on Keyboards & vocals.

Luke is doing the show and as soon as he gets on that cat-walk and is getting nearer the first row , girls are screaming like mad.
New songs are not as catchy as the old ones but The kooks have always been entertaining on stage that's why we're coming back everytime to see them.
I'll try to get the setlist so stay tuned...
The only thing I cannot understand is why they do have 3 records to play and they are only on stage for 60 min.
Can you tell me why ?
Are English bands lazy ? , same shit with Artic Monkeys they don't play no more than 80 min.

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