Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Kooks @ Cigale, Paris June 07 2011

The Kooks @ Cigale
Paris, June 07 2011

Another sold-out gig, in my favourite theatre in Paris: La Cigale.
The Kooks are doing a tour without any new album out yet, the next one "Junk of the heart" will be out next September.
This band from Brighton has lots of dedicated fans and when I'm saying fans I'm talking about young ( between 15 & 20 years old) girls most of them very sexy.
Going to a Kooks' gig is always a pleasure : the band is good, they have nice songs, the atmosphere in the audience is always lively and... the girls are young and pretty.

We arrived to late to see the support band, sorry.
Even though it's sold out, there is room in the pit and the A.C. is working correctly so it's not too hot in there.
The band is not on the stage that people are starting jumping up and down and as the floor of La Cigale is like a trampoline (it's on springs) it's funny to see from the sides.
Each songs is greated with screams, they've played the hits and... a few new songs.
Hard to say how the new album will sound as they've played a slow song and a heavy one.
It's also funny to see that as the years go by it's still the same (very) young audience.
The singer is teasing the first row by walking on the edge of the stage several times but no stage diving, I guess he's afraid of having his clothes tear off.
The guitar player is still playing nice licks on guitar as if he was somewhere else.
They may have 3 albums (with the new one) they're still playing a very short set, no more than 75 min including the encore.
Very nice gig !


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