samedi 11 juin 2011

Alice Cooper (Part1) @ Montereau Confluences festival, June 10 2011

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Alice Cooper
@ Montereau Confluences festival
Parcs des Noues @ Montereau Fault Yonne ,June 10 2011
Part 1

Grégoire (far left), Zazie, Kob (far right)

I 'm still wondering what Alice Cooper is doing here, sandwiched between French singers Grégoire & Zazie who's headlining the first day of this festival in the beautiful city of Montereau Fault Yonne, yes that's the full name.
This city has a history that goes back to the XIII century is also welknown for being the place of one of the last victory of Napoleon on the Austrians in 1814.
Situated 40 km outside Paris, it's a 1 hour ride with the train.

Napoleon is watching over us so is John Paul II

10 bands are playing today, we're just here for Alice Cooper, we saw French singer Grégoire and a good French metal band KOB.

It feels good to be in the countryside, the festival is taking place in a small but lovely parc just next to the river, probably around 4000 capacity.
Tickets are VERY cheap only 12 euros, yes 12 Euros for 2 days.
The weather's sunny but not too warm and Alice Cooper is starting his show in daylight at 8:30 sharp.
As you can see we could walk him to the main stage, there's a nice "front" drop, they should have kept it as a backdrop for the whole show.

Cool Vincent Price intro, the gig is starting with "Black Widow" Alice is standing up on a "throne". Line up is Glen Sobel on drums, Chuck Garrick on bass, Tommy Henriksen on guitar, Damon Johnson on guitar and... last but not least: the great Steve Hunter on guitar. We saw him performed with Lou Reed on his Berlin Tour. He was the guitar player on several tours (and albums) back in the 70's with Alice. He's also playing on Lou Reed's original albums "Rock'n Roll Animal" and "Berlin".
With 3 guitar players it's a festival of guitars and with Alice's costumes changes for every song there's always something different happening. Lots of props on stage : a cane, a sword, a crutch...some bank notes too.

I didn't write down the setlist but as the show is basically the same at each gig this should this:
0) Vincent price intro 1) Black Widow 2) Brutal Planet 3) I'm 18 4) Under my wheels 5) Billion dollar Baby 6) No more Mr Nice Guy 7) Hey Stoopid 8) Is it my body 9) Halo of Flies 10) I'll bit your head off 11) Muscle of Love 12) Only women bleed 13) Cold Ethyl 14) Feed my frankestein 15) Clones 16) Poison 17) Wicked Young man 18) Killer 19) I love the dead 20) School's out (with Another brick in the wall) Encore 21) Elected (click on links for videos)
Part 2 of the show is HERE
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"NO more Mr Nice Guy":