Saturday, June 18, 2011

Modern English + Flying Turns + Mirrors @ Fleche d'or, Paris Saturday June 18 2011

Flying Turns + Modern English + Mirrors @ Fleche d'Or
Paris, June 18 2011

Flying Turns

First is French Cold New wave band Flying Turns , dark voice and a music reminding me of Depeche Mode with a bit of DEVO ( They did a cover of the latter).
Not our cup of tea but we have to admit they did a good set.

very electro / Post Punk/ New Wave night

Then we have Modern English, these guys were around in 1979 but never made it, they reformed recently with the original line-up, typycal English pop-rock with a Joy Division influence but not only. The guitar player (see pics) has tattoos all over his arms and...face.
Cool set. Check our video of their hit song "I melt with you" here.

Modern English

Here's the setlist (Thanks to Stéphane D):
1. someone's calling
2. after the snow
3. tables turning
4. swans on glass
5. black houses
6. soundtrack
7. life in a gladhouse
8. move in light
9. I melt with you

Last on stage is Mirrors, we already saw them opening for OMD @ Casino de Paris, this is 100% electro music, the kind of... we hate, but it was entertaining, The singer's funny on stage.

all the bands played short set, no more than 50 min each.
Overall enjoyable evening

Modern English's "I Melt with You":