mardi 14 juin 2011

Arctic Monkeys @ La Cigale, Paris June 16 2011

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Arctic Monkeys + Concrete Knives @ Cigale
Paris June 16 2011

Concrete Knives
This is our second Arctic Monkeys' show in two days, yesterday they've played a private show in front of a selected audience of 200 people at the Album de la semaine.
Once again we were a bit disappointed by their shitty attitude as if they didn't give a fuck.
Will it be different tonight ?
First we have French electro-pop-rock band Concrete Knives: they're sounding very 80's, this is not our cup of tea but they were entertaining. The singer did a bit of crowd-surfing on the last song.
It's 8:45 pm sharp when the band is getting on the stage to the music of Steppenwolf , the sound is loud and clear, there is a powerful white lighting on Alex Turner for most of the gig.
The Cigale was sold-out almost instantly when the tickets went on sale a few days ago, in fact it sold-out in two minutes. (They've just added another show in the south of France in a couple of weeks).
The atmosphere is hot, lots of pretty girls down the front screaming their lungs out.
Tonight Alex left his" fuck it" attitude that he had last night for the Canal+ tv show, he's smiling a bit and is talking much more (not enough though) and that is changing everything.
I haven't seen them a lot on stage but this one was the best I've been to.
Songs are rocking, Josh Homme is probably responsible for turning them into a more American band with heavy guitars and that's the shit that we love @ Rockerparis.
Almost a "stoner" band.
Yesterday was more orientated on the new album tonight it's more of a best of (we'll get the setlist soon).
We have a bit of everything fast (the old ones) and slower songs (the recent ones), once again the first single is terrific live, probably the best song on the new album

1) Library Pics 2) Brainstorm 3) This house is a circus 4) Still take you home 5) Don't sit down... 6) Pretty visitors 7) Teddy Picker 8) Crying Lightning 9) Brick by Brick 10) Reckless serenade 11) Cornerstone 12) The view from the afternoon 13) I bet you look good... 14) She's Thunderstorms 15) If you were there beware 16) Do me a favour 17) That's where you're wrong 18) Whe the sun goes down Encore 19) Shalala 20) Fluorescent Ado 21) 505
You can see that Alex is the main attraction, he's getting most of the light maybe the others should get more involved in the show but they're doing their job perfectly
With 4 albums under the belt 75 min can be considered a very short gig but we enjoyed every fucking minute of it.
GREAT gig !
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setlist soon