mercredi 8 juin 2011

System of a Down + Clutch @ Bercy, Paris june 08 2011

System of a Down + Clutch @ Bercy
2nd show, Paris June 09 2011


Back into Bercy Arena to attend System of a Down's second sold-out show in Paris.
This time instead of Trail of dead, that wasn't very welcomed by the audience we have Clutch.
We arrived late , as usual , so we've missed the beginning of their show, in fact we only saw the last four songs of the band, too bad it was very good, the kind of shit that we liked at ROCKERPARIS, some cool bluesy rock stoner.

Nice... tee-shirt !

After a 30 min intermission, System of a Down took the stage in the same great atmosphere as two days ago. 17 000 people jumping up & down from the first minute to the last.
The band is as relaxed on stage as at the first concert.
Once again the sound is clear & neat.
This time there is a small pit down the front , for people with a wristband, not as stupid as the previous gig where they divided the pit in the middle from the front to the back.
I haven't seen any press photographers in the pit tonight (same as previous show), I guess the band doesn't want any photos as Patrice had to put his camera at the cloakroom after the security went to see him in the stalls, but he always has a Plan B.
CORRECTION : Same setlist as the first night @ Bercy on june 06. (click for pics, video & review or scroll down this page).
Show started @ 8:45 and ended @ 10:30 pm
Anothe Great gig.
After the storm