Friday, June 20, 2008

COLDPLAY W9 TV Show Jun 19th

Coldplay is playing their very first "show" in France after playing in London ( Brixton Academy on the 16th ; BBC Television Centre, Shepherds Bush on the 18 th ) and Madrid ( on the 17th ).
Their brand new album " Viva la vida" is selling shitloads in England and they are the first English band to get a n° 1 in the US for ten years.

This tv show is being recorded for W9 and to be broadcast on Jun 27 th.
Get in there around 7 pm @ Dock Haussmann , north of Paris ( plaine St denis ) , the place holds around 500 people , some competition winners and lots of VIPs.

A french girl opens the show , called Chat ( cat in french ) she played 2-3 songs on the piano , from the VIP bar upstairs she seemed quite good.

Coldplay went on stage and had to answer questions from the audience ( with translation from tv presenter Frederique Bedos ) for at least 20 min, even though the questions were not really interesting ( why a painting of Delacroix on the cover ? Why did you call your album " viva la vida " ? and so on ...)
Chris Martin was always chatty and funny so were the other band members.
Time now for the proper concert, they opened with the new single " Violent hill" , cameras are everywhere, light show is sumptuous and the band on top form. they played a mix of new tracks and a couple of oldies .
I can't say that their pop is my cup of tea but they're lively on stage.
Show ended with confettis over the crowd .
The only downer is the short set, only 6 songs in 35 min.

© Guino Patrice

Coldplay @ Dock Haussmann


Violet Hill
Viva la vida
Fix you
Lovers in Japan

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