Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mabuses Video Black session Paris Jun 16th

Hi there,
Went to The Mabuses playing at France Inter for a Black Session.

I didn't know that much about this band except that they've just released a 3rd album a few weeks ago more than 15 years after their second one.
Led by Kim Fahy, they're playing a weird pop-psychedelic music
If want a taste check their website ( you can listen to their entire album ):

Very pleasant evening , 1 hour plus set.

JP Nataf from french band Les Innocents was playing piano and guitar

Here's the setlist :
01: I'm The Greatest
02: We Rested Our Feet
03: Dark Star
04: Havana
05: Byayaba
06: Seasider
07: Destination
08: Feast
09: Glass Eyed Pitter Patter
10: Mirth
11: Hog Of The Forsaken
12: She Went Wild

And a short video :

I couldn't go to Yael Naim this afternoon so no review
Tonight : KISS