Wednesday, June 4, 2008

FEIST Paris Grand Rex Jun 3rd

Two SOLD-OUT shows ( she's playing tomorrow ) in this beautiful parisian theatre for the Grammy award winner Feist. She's very popular in France . I already saw her a couple of years ago ( on Sept 1st 2005 ) at the tiny Nouveau Casino for a OUI FM live radio broadcast.
I wasn't impressed at all .

Will i change my mind tonight ?
She made a effort with the stage production : her musicians all dressed in white , projections in the back done 'live' by two women , but she played constantly in the dark. Is she the star or what ?

What about the music : well apart from a couple of songs ( her singles ) the rest is plain boring and dull, she has too many average songs to catch my attention.
The only positive point was a surprise appearance by Gonzalez for the last song .

Feist @ Grand Rex