lundi 2 juin 2008


After playing on Jan 21rst at the Bataclan , Cat Power is back in Paris where she has many friends now.
Seems like it's sold out tonight. Once again the opening band is Apalooza, probably one of the worst support slot i have even seen. Chan marshall ( singer from CP ) is a good friend with the female french 'singer' of Appalooza. so now you know why we had to endure such crap.
Anyway Chan is here to promote her brand new cd of cover songs : "Jukebox" and that's what we're gonna get , most of the new cd will be played. Which is a good thing 'cause we LOVE it.
Chan feels much more better on stage now than she did years ago even though she still looks frail and her voice is sometimes a little bit weak but that's part of her charms. The band is smoking.

Thank you and Good night

She has a very special way of playin' those covers and turning them into her own songs , hard to recognize " Fortunate son" ( CCR ) for example but hey what's the point otherwise.
Very good night indeed.

01: Don't Explain
02: Woman Left Lonely
03: Silver Stallion
04: New York, New York
05: Lost Someone
06: Dreams
07: Lord Help
08: Song To Bobby
09: Dark End
10: She's Got You
11: Making Believe
12: Fortunate son
13: Metal Heart
14: Blue
15: Where Is My Love?
16: Moon
17: The Greatest
18: Lived In Bars
19: Aretha, Sing One For Me
20: Life Of The Party
21: Could We
22: Satisfaction
23: Do You Do You Do
24: Naked If I Want to
25: Angelitos Negros
26: Ramblin' (Wo)man
27: I've Been Loving You Too Long