Wednesday, September 10, 2008

COLDPLAY + Albert Hammond Jr Paris Bercy Sept 9th 2008

The Virgins will play " L'album de la semaine" Canal+ on Sept 15th
James Hunter same tv show on Sept 16th
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Metallica will do a interview live on Virgin radio today at 6pm ( they are recording Taratata tonight )
With its new record Coldplay is probably the biggest band of 2008, they've been N° 1 in more than 30 countries and they're playing in Paris for 2 Sold out nights @ Bercy ( 17 000 capacity ).
Albert Hammond Jr is opening , he's the guitar player of The Strokes .
The concert was very late as Albert hammond Jr started his set at 8:40 pm
He should go back with them as soon as he can as his gig was plain boring , his singing is monotonous and the songs are just average. I already saw him and it wasn't as boring as tonight.
What happened Albert ?

I'll upload a couple videos of Albert Hammond Jr tomorrow on Youtube ( link below ).

Then at 9:50 pm Coldplay came on stage , Live they 're much more exciting than on cd , they may only have 4 records but they have lots of hit songs. The singer is still funny to watch and the musicians could be easily replaced no one will noticed it. The stage is very simple with the cd cover as backdrop and then a big screen in the back . They've played a couple of songs on a small stage.
They've also played at the back of the venue and this time it wasn't on a proper stage but directly in the aisle in Bercy , first time i'm seeing this happen. Chris made an effort to speak an almost perfect french. Good point.
Funny how some songs are sounding like U2 , they even did like U2 when their drummer came up front to play some drums. Lots of confettis at the end ...
Enjoyable night.

Life In Technicolor
Violet Hill
In My Place
Speed Of Sound
Cemeteries Of London
Chinese Sleep Chant
Fix You
Strawberry Swing
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (partial - techno version)
Talk (partial - techno version)
The Hardest Part (piano - Chris)
Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental)
Viva La Vida
The Scientist (acoustic)
Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - Will singing)
Viva La Vida (remix interlude)
Reign Of Love
Lovers In Japan
Death And All His Friends
The Escapist

( Sorry no pictures for this gig as Patrice Guino, our photographer, didn't take any, he just didn't care at all. )
See our review of the small show they've done in Paris for W9 TV in June here :