Wednesday, July 21, 2010

David Sanborn trio Feat. Steve Gadd & Joey de Francesco @ New Morning, Paris July 20 2010

David Sanborn Trio
Featuring Steve Gadd on drums & Joey de Francesco on keys
@ New Morning, Paris july 20 2010

Jazz atmosphere tonight @ New Morning, weel you're right baby, it's a jazz club.
David Sanborn doesn't need any introduction this man has played on hundreds of albums including The Eagles, Rickie lee Jones, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie,Bruce Springsteen, James Brown and many others...
Same shit with Steve Gadd who's also playing on hundreds of albums including touring with Eric Clapton or Simon & Garfunkel ( he's drumming on The famous Central Park concert in 1981)
Joey de Francesco has played on albums by Bette Midler, Didier Lockwood or Ray Charles.

The concert is divided over 2 sets, First one of only 30 min then a second one of 50 min.
Really cool jazz on sax with a tribute to Ray Charles.
I'm not really familiar with the repertoire but they have played Louis Jordan's " Let the good times roll" and a song Dave wrote when he became a grand Father " only everything".
No need to tell you that these cats know how to play and that we had some great instrumental songs ( but one sung by Joey)
Nice to relax to some jazz music before tomorrow night.