Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mia Doi Todd & Odland @ L'International, Paris July 26 2010

Mia Doi Todd & Odland @ L'International
Paris july 26 2010

The girls of Odland

Special night Mon Petit club #2 with French band from Lyon Odland and L.A. folk lady Mia Doi Todd.
We are in the middle of July and on a monday night (the quietest of the week) but the International club is packed like on a saturday night.
It's also a special night as it's Oliver Peel's birthday ( and also Mick Jagger's, but that's another story).
This is the last show on their European Tour for the frenchies of Odland. 3 girls (beautifully dressed) and a man , on piano, violin & "Toy Instruments".
Between Folk & Classical with some crazy lyrics, they've stormed the International.

Then we have Mia Doi Todd, the music is more quiet , she's alone on the acoustic guitar (with the help of a percussionist on a few songs).
If you're visiting ROCKERPARIS from time to time you already know her as she's played a few shows @ Oliver Peel's.

Mia Doi Todd

Cool evening with lots of well-known faces in the audience including Coeur de Pirate, Saul Williams & Charlie Winston.

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