Monday, October 27, 2008

Kaiser Chiefs @ " L' Album de la Semaine " Paris Oct 27th 2008

After playing a couple of songs on Taratata on saturday and sightseeing at the Trocadero on sunday.
Kaiser Chiefs are starting this week by a gig in front of 120 people at " L' Album de la semaine " for Canal+.
As usual for this show bands are playing some songs from their new cd plus a couple of hits .
KC are always stunning on stage in front of a wild audience , when they're playing radio or tv shows it's different Ricky has to concentrate more on his vocals and is not fooling around as much as on a real stage.
Anyway this is a special treat as we are hearing the new songs for the first time live and they seem to be as good as the old ones , with some easy to remember melodies and sing-along choruses.
They did the first song twice as Ricky messed up the lyrics ( he wrote them on the setlist to get'em right , see below ) and they added " I predict a riot " at the end.
Very nice set.
Afterwards they went to Taratata to see The Killers ( they're playing a showcase tomorrow at the Nouveau Casino.