Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The killers @ Nouveau casino Paris Oct 28th 2008

Difficult choice tonight : the Kills and the Killers are both playing in Paris on the same night.
We chose the Killers simply because we saw The Kills twice already this year.

The Killers are in Paris for a private gig at the Nouveau Casino to promote their new cd " day & age" . They did french tv show Taratata yesterday .
I've heard some funny review of their new cd , hope it's better than their second album that was very disappointing to me.

The best way to judge a band is on stage and the Killers are doing fine. Brandon is funny with one of his band always in the air, the bass player still doesn't smile at all...
They've played 5 new songs that seem to be quite good ( except for one with a disco beat ),
for a little bit more than an hour ( 15 songs ) and did a good show.
The audience was quiet , the nouveau casino was far from being full as there were lots of space including down the front.
Enjoyable evening but nothing to wake the dead and as we were out by 9:45 we rush to the nearby Bataclan to see the end of The Kills.

Sorry NO picture
for this event as Patrice didn't really bother taking any, we recorded a couple of videos but the sound is so bad ( we were in front of the bass player so there's too much bass on it ) that we honestly can't upload anything.