Saturday, October 4, 2008

Martha High @ Jamel Comedy club Paris Oct 3rd 2008

Martha High & the Shaolin Temple Defenders live @ "Jamel Comedy club".

The STD without Martha + Setlist

Private event for the first show of her French October tour . This is a late show as the band went on stage at 11:30 pm .
When i get into this trendy club I just couldn't fuckin' believe my eyes , the place is so small , there's a stage in the back and a small room with tables and chairs , it's simple nice and cosy .
Couldn't believe that i missed the Stevie Wonder aftershow party here, yes mates he played here in front of a hundred people , felt like i wanted to hung myself as we knew about it and didn't go thinking he would never played . AAAAaaaggghhhh !!!

Anyway The Shaolin Temple Defenders started to do a few numbers before Martha High joined them . Nice start with " Think" .
I've seen Martha a few times and it 's allways very good , she's got the voice and the attitude.
Remember folks, she played with Mr james Brown for many years and later with Maceo Parker.
Well , you know what more can i say ? When it's good , it's good.
So don't miss her on her tour :
She was on stage for only an hour with one song as an encore but hey ! that was a free gig and it ended at 1 am , perfect for me as i needed a bit of sleep as i' waking up tomorrow morning very early for the Fashion Week .
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You have the setlist above and a nice video here , what more can you ask for ?

PS : Thanks to Sophie ;-)