Tuesday, October 7, 2008

METRONOMY @ Espace SFR Paris Oct 8th 2008

NB : Albert Hammond Jr @ Elysée Montmartre on Oct 9th CANCELLED

Metronomy Live @ Espace SFR , Paris Oct 8th 2008
Showcase for 300 people.

I've listened to what they were doing and i thought it was complete crap , a kind of early 80's electronic pop à la Bontempi .
A friend of mine ( mathilde ) wanted to see them , so i took her to this private party .
First the band hasn't played a note that this party sucked , no free drinks nothing to eat , tooo bad .
We didn't bother watching the opening band , french electro pop Minitel Rose as Mathilde told me they were bad . But nothing could have prepare me for the next 40 min
Those 3 guys playing their cheap keyboard , one had also a bass and one had a guitar, the third one played a bit of sax .
One of the biggest piece of crap i have ever heard ( with Bob Sinclar opening for Madonna ) at least Metronomy is funny to watch as they have this weird stage moves like those electro bands for the early 80's .
Sooooooooo BAAAAADDDDD. that it was enjoyable .( well sort of ... )