Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Iggy Pop + guests @ " La Musicale " March 25th 2009

Iggy Pop + Keren Ann , Emma De Caunes , Catherine Ringer , Benjamin Biolay , Peaches & Izia
@ "La Musicale" Canal+ March 25th 2009
Second day of recording for this french TV show that will be broadcasted on Canal+ on April 27th.

Things went much more smoothly than yesterday , they didn't have to do 2 or 3 takes of the same song and instead of staying almost 2 hours we only stayed for an hour.
Guests were more interesting and the show was more rock.

Setlist 1

Same as yesterday as we had duets once again :
  • For the first number " Les feuilles mortes" Iggy was solo , slow song , it's a poem from Jacques Prevert , french crooner Yves Montand made it famous by singing it.
  • First duet of the night with Keren Ann , cool song too
  • Iggy solo for what is his first single ( "Kings of the dogs" ) from his new album " Preliminaires"
  • Great duet with the beautiful MC for this show Emma De Caunes ( daughter of famous Antoine De Caunes ) on " You're the boss" originally sung by Elvis and Ann Margeret
  • Another great duet with Catherine Ringer ( from Rita Mitsuko ) on Screaming Jay Hawkins ' " i put a spell on You"
  • Benjamin Biolay did a cool one with Iggy
  • Peaches as always is a bit mad , the two seems to go on well ( Peaches played on several songs from Skull Ring )
  • Last guest was Izia ( daughter of French singer Jacques Higelin ) who already opened for The Stooges in Paris a couple of years ago. She's young , in her late teens , and has a nice rocking voice à la Janis Joplin. First song was dedicated to Ron Asheton , the late Stooges who died a couple of months ago , then we were lucky to be treated with a bonus song that wasn't planned " Gloria" by Van Morrison.
setlist 2

Great night and much more better than yesterday's recording.
One again Great job by Stéphane Saunier who organised everything.
This show is really one of a kind , seeing Iggy performing duets with all these artists and having the Primeur of hearing his new songs LIVE more than one month before it's out ( May 15th ) is a real privilege.

Oh ! by the way here's the artwork from Iggy Pop 's new album " Préliminaires":

There was a press conference @ the Hotel Regina in Paris the day after and Iggy Pop confirmed that he will NOT tour for this record .
So this tv show will be the only time he performed these songs.
How lucky we were.